Social Media

Performed as a social media specialist for Electronic Literature Organization’s The NEXT, a combination museum, library, and preservation space that contains more than 3000 works of born-digital literature and media. Managed ELO’s social media calendar as well as the calendar for the team who made The NEXT. (Collaborative)

Gathered a large dataset of tweets, categorized them based on purpose and used spreadsheets to simplify and visually present the data. Incorporated the visuals in an analytical paper that reported our findings. (Collaborative)

Tracked the marketing campaign for the 2019 feature film Joker. Assessed the strengths and weakness of the campaign and presented them in a multimodal report.

Video Games

Devised video game and narrative concepts as a member of the executive team. Produced in-game SFX as a member of the audio team. Ran a small social media campaign intended to recruit more talent and provide updates on the project.(Collaborative)

Worked as a narrative designer to help write the story and video game concept. (Collaborative)

As lead narrative designer helped develop the overall story and elements as well as producing a script, storyboards, and graphic assets to be used in-game. (Collaborative)


A animated poster for a concert festival made using Illustrator and After Effects.

Produced a treemap and worked together to synthesize it with three other visualizations to combine it into one interactive data visualization using Tableau’s advanced features. (Collaborative)

Video and Editing

An animatic made with Premiere Pro using drawn storyboard cells and sound effects.

A multimodal narrative made with Storyboard That and Premiere Pro.

A montage of photographs resembling a poem visually. 

Making my first ever short hobby profile of my very cool friend playfully.

Taking on the challenge of making a one-minute video essay. 

Using one of Lev Manovich’s principles of “new media” to present an iconic scene from The Room in various forms comically.

Creative Writing and Storytelling

A digital narrative on the Eagle Creek Fire. Hosted on a WordPress site. (Collaborative)

An interactive survival story made with Twine.

A short linear script introducing a video game in early stages.